Astral Beings

I want to introduce you to the beings that I channel from the astral realms. They’re lovely 🙂

I primarily work as a channel, which means I have the ability to clearly translate messages from the spirit world, or as I like to call it – the astral realm.  I have the ability to channel any being or collective group of beings ranging from Archangels to ETs.  Not only can I channel these beings, but I’m also ether-seer, so I can see them move around in their spirit forms with my physical eyes.

I’m also an avid astral traveler and lucid dreamer, but that’s a story for another time.

Below are a list of beings that I frequently communicate with from the astral realm. I’ve collectively channeled these beings for you so you can get to know them a little better and learn about what they do. Enjoy!


Archangels are beings that exist in higher dimensions of the astral realm. They offer to help humanity on both a collective and individual scale. These are pure light beings with big jobs that want to help humanity ascend on a spiritual level.

“We are the Archangels and we are beings of light. We come to your planet to aid in its spiritual development and the evolution of human consciousness. We hail from a dimension that many of you would perceive as “heaven”, except we do not lounge around all day singing and playing harps. We, the Archangels, are Ascended Light Beings who have made the decision to help beings on planets that need a little push from time to time to grow and develop. We are here to help and have been helping mankind since the creation of your species. Even though you may not know us, we work behind the scenes to aid you humans in your quest to know thyself. We are at your disposal. We don’t reincarnate on your planet, as we prefer to offer support outside of the matrix to further your evolutionary growth. With love always, your Archangels.”


Angels are a little different than Archangels. There are much more of them and they exists in the same dimensions as Archangels yet take on a more individual job with helping humans ascend. Most humans have angel guides that are connected to you since birth (hence the term “guardian angel”). They, too, help humans on an individual basis by offering guidance to help us in our day to day lives. Angels have the ability to incarnate here on Earth as well – these people are what I like to call “Earth Angels”. Although I encounter some of these people in my work, Earth Angels are relatively rare since Angels do not incarnate often on this planet.

“Hello humans. Much love and many blessings to you from us, your Angels! We exist to serveand we find ourselves occupied not only with acting as guides to humans but for beings on many other planets. Not many of us choose to incarnate, but those of us that do come with a mission to help raise consciousness, love, awareness, and compassion on your planet. Look for whispers of us in your day to day life – look for our guidance and sense our love. We are here to protect you in your life’s mission, whatever that be, and we hope you will connect with us more. Again, much love.”


Ascended Master Siddhartha Guatama

Ascended Masters are beings that have been able to achieve a certain level of mastery or enlightenment during their human incarnations here on Earth. Ascended Masters are spiritual teachers to us all and we each have certain masters that we tend to gravitate towards that help us in certain areas of life.  Ascended Masters are beings such as Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ben Joseph), Lord Ganesha, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Mary Magdalene, Lord Krishna, Kali Maa, the Buddha, and countless others.

“Greetings humans! We, the Ascended Masters, come collectively to speak to you today on the topic of mastery. You each are the masters of your lives, and just as we have come to experience the seemingly limited experience of being a human, we say to you today to not let any limits get in your way. You are God. You are a Master and you are not experiencing this life on Earth by accident. We offer you our grace and compassion as you fulfill your purposes here on Earth. Know that we are with you and watching you ascend into realms of higher consciousness.  Call on us whenever you need to be reminded of your mastery and your connection to higher powers.”


Gods and Goddesses that exist within various cultures in our world also exist in the astral realms. These beings may have existed in their earthly forms, or they could be embodiments of certain ideas. In my experience, Gods and Goddesses exist as energetic beings in the astrals that take on embodiments of certain archetypes. They don’t take too kindly to being called archetypes though – I once channeled Athena and she wasn’t quite happy when I called her that. They see themselves as separate energetic energies and any meaning attributed to their being is up to us. I’ll let you decide. 

“We are your Gods and Goddesses. You read about us in your myths and some of you encounter us in your dreams. We represent anything you need us to represent, as we are elements and fragments of the human story. Some of us have lived on your planet,; others have not. We appear in your lives to introduce certain lessons, concepts, and ideas – or some of us like to have a little fun by inciting chaos. We are influences for many of you – you may find aspects of your Higher Self in us. We embody everything that humans have ever experienced and ever will experience. We are here to help you navigate and understand the human experience.”


Arcturian Beings

ET beings can also be found in the astrals, and, believe me, there are many. In the next few weeks, I’ll release an article or video explaining more about various ET races. For now, just know that all of them are here to help in some way, shape, form, or fashion 🙂

More coming on ET Beings later!


Each of us are one small fractal of an “oversoul”. This oversoul is the part of us that is all-knowing, and ominipotent. This is our Higher Self. Our higher selves can be considered one of the grand orchestrators of our lives, but here’s the thing – your higher self is not separate from you. It IS you. It is entirely possible to channel your own Higher Self, you may find that it is the voice inside your head that you’ve been ignoring all along.

Here is a message from my Higher Self (who also happens to be the Goddess Kali Maa):

“Your oversoul is no different from you. It is you, in your God form and it can be stated that one’s Higher Self resides within. We bring you challeneges, triumphs, support, and guidance. We help you grow in every way possible and then push the limits even more. We are you. We reside in you. We help and support you in everything you do. Call on us – we are never very far.”


This is where it gets pretty meta. As a channel, I have the ability to communicate with aspects that have no physical form but exist as major elements of the universe such as Source (God/the Almighty/etc.), Time, Darkness, Light, Sound, etc. Channeling these beings usually provides interesting ideas and answers about the nature of reality.

I can also channel certain nature elements and nature spirits. These beings are what we know as faeries or Gods/Goddesses that represent certain aspects of nature or Mother Earth. The functions of nature spirits are to watch over and guide plants, animals, and other aspects of nature on our planet. Many of us have guides that are nature spirits, and I must say, channeling these beings is always a beautiful experience.

Today, I have channeled Kolandra, a fire aspect of Mother Earth – she has quite a fiery personality (pun intended):

“I am an embodied fractal of the Mother Earth. I am the essence of Fire and I control all aspects of this element on your planet. Fire does not only cause destruction, it can pave the way for the rebirth of something new. It is the way to new beginnings. Elements serve the very real function of continuing certain natural cycles and processes on your planet, but they also have deeper meaning. Take note whenever you encounter a reoccurring element in your life. If you find yourself encountering Fire, see what this may mean for you. Fire can be dangerous. It can swallow everything whole, destroying everything in its path, but only after this destruction can we begin to sow the seeds for new beginnings. As an element of the Mother Earth, this is my role.  Thank you and I wish you much peace and many blessings.”


Human beings that have existed or still exist on this Earth can also be channeled. Time is fluid and our unique souls and energies can be accessed at any point in time. Human beings that have not moved on to higher dimensions after their deaths are what we perceive as “ghosts”. They’re not here to frighten others, they are mostly just confused entities, but that is also a story for another time.


Of course, there also exists what we may call “dark entities”, or “demons”. In my experience however, I find that these beings are anything but – they serve a purpose to enlighten us to certain truths and to bypass certain fears.  These dark entities are no reason to forestall your own spiritual development. I’ve found that these astral beings can do nothing to harm you and if you are frightened of them, take some time to understand why. It is likely you will find that the fear is attempting to bring you closer to a more enlightened truth about your human experience.

So, when you find yourself communicating with dark entities, here’s my approach: “Come at me demons. I’m ready.”

I promise you, they don’t respond very well to bravery.

I hope these introductions explain the purpose of these beings and what they serve in our lives as humans.  I also invite you to keep your skepticism  when reading articles such as these – this may not be your reality or your truth and that’s ok! I tend to believe that the information being conveyed is infinitely more important then where it is coming from.

That being said, try to tune in right now, this very second…you may catch the smallest whisper telling you to do something nice for yourself today.

Much love,


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Astral Beings
I want to introduce you to the beings that I channel from the astral realms. They’re lovely  I primarily work as a channel, which means I have the ability to clearly translate messages from the spirit world, or as I like to call it –...