How I Started Channeling

I haven’t gotten a chance to share my story of how I got into this work and how I developed my abilities (even though I get asked all the time!). Well, here’s how it started: A few years ago today, my grandmother passed away. I was several states away, but I remember getting the phone…
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Spiritual Awakenings

It’s that time again. You, me, and your neighbor’s dog have felt the intensity of February 2017 and I’m saying it – this is not what I had in mind when I asked the universe to throw more fun in my direction. It’s been rough. Dreams have been intense, energy has been very low or…
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Astral Beings

I want to introduce you to the beings that I channel from the astral realms. They’re lovely 🙂 I primarily work as a channel, which means I have the ability to clearly translate messages from the spirit world, or as I like to call it – the astral realm.  I have the ability to channel…
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We’re Open!

I am so excited to officially announce that I will be taking on clients for channeling and energy healing sessions full time! For those of you that know me, you know that this has been a long time coming. I’ve decided to move somewhere new, start a new business, and commit myself to sharing spiritual…
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I would love to work with you.

Ready to accelerate your intuitive abilities and wholeheartedly step into your spiritual development?

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Ty is the most profound luminary and channel I’ve yet to come across on this earthly plane. I’ve had the honor of working personally with her for over a year and watching her abilities grow to the extent that the teacher/student lines were no longer there. I would recommend her to anyone but my recommendation alone won’t serve- you’ll see for yourself!

— Pamela Aaralyn

I just had a session with Ty Fenelus and can’t recommend her enough! She has a beautiful, loving and wise energy and her energy alone will heal you. As well as being a powerful healer, she is also an amazing channeler and will get the answers to your questions very quickly. I got answers to situations I was very confused about and to something that I had wondered about for a long time. I was also given a powerful exercise to do, to help with my self confidence. I was given all the answers with such clarity that I definitely feel so much clearer and positive now. I would highly recommend a session with her.

— Rachael Quant

Ty’s abilities to tune into the non-physical realm has personally helped me with so many issues including my personal faith and belief systems and my purpose in this life. She was able to tune into my spirit guides and give spot on information and advice from them as well as my Father, who has passed on. I am recommending her to everyone!!

— J.J McGuigan