How I Started Channeling

I haven’t gotten a chance to share my story of how I got into this work and how I developed my abilities (even though I get asked all the time!).

Well, here’s how it started:

A few years ago today, my grandmother passed away.

I was several states away, but I remember getting the phone all from my mother telling me that Mama had passed away after years of being bed-ridden and sick with various respiratory troubles. She was 89.

I wasn’t extremely close to my grandmother. Growing up, she helped my mom raise my sister and I and did a lot to take care of us both, but it was always hard for me to relate to her on an emotional level.  As I grew older and our family moved away, I never really formed a close bond with her and spoke to her occasionally over the phone.

I got off the phone with my mom that day and made the arrangements to attend the funeral in New York. Three days after I heard that she passed, I fell asleep in my apartment.

I remember waking up and seeing my recently deceased grandmother, dressed in a beautiful blue nightgown, walk through the doorway and stand at the foot of my bed.

I was shocked and astounded.

I sat up in bed and I told her that I thought she was dead! How is it possible that she’s here?! 

She looked at me and said that I shouldn’t worry about it. That she wasn’t actually gone and just wanted to stop by and say hi.

I just stared at her in shock. She repeated the message and told me that she wanted to check up on me and tell me that she loves me. She said she was doing fine, more than fine actually.

I nodded slowly. She waved and then walked out of my room. I stared at the door for a while, and then I fell back asleep.

I woke up the next morning with a start.

I would have dismissed the whole thing as a dream, despite how realistic it was, if not for one fact: my grandmother spoke to me in perfect English.

The entire time she had been alive, she only knew Haitian Creole.

I never heard her speak a word of English my entire life. Yet there she was that night, standing in front of my bed, speaking to me in English.

Before that experience, I was a hardcore agnostic/atheist. I was almost certain there was nothing beyond death, and I had spent years learning how to be okay with it.

I didn’t believe in extraterrestrial anything, I didn’t see a point in psychics or people claiming to see or hear other-worldly things, and I had a real issue with people that believed in a God that seemed so harsh and selfish.

I woke up that morning and the first thought that ran through my mind was: I was wrong. There has to be more to life than just this small existence.

As amazing as that experience was, it still didn’t turn me on to spirituality completely. Since the night that my grandmother visited me, I began to have fully vivid and lucid dreams.

In these dreams, beings that I never in a million years would think existed, approached me and began to teach me things.

I met a being who called himself Archangel Michael and I told him he was bullshitting me – that angels and archangels didn’t exist. He still came to me almost every night.

I met Goddesses and Gods who taught me about themselves and the nature of reality. I met extraterrestrial beings that taught me about the current state of humanity and what they are doing to help change the outcome. I met incredible light beings (and dark ones) that explained so many incredible things to me.

“Since the night that my grandmother visited me, I began to have fully vivid and lucid dreams.

It took several months of the non-stop lucid dreaming for me to change my opinion on spirituality. At a certain point, I had no choice but to confidently believe in what I was experiencing.

Then the channeling started.

To be honest, I always had the ability to read people quite well.

I meditated every night and learned from the various Spiritual Masters, Extraterrestrials, Gods, Goddesses, Animals, and Teachers that came to me.

They taught me how to read the history of others, how to see what someone has gone through, what medicine and practices to recommend to heal others, the history of this world and others, the nature of negative entities and “evil” spirits, and so much more.

Along with the channeling, my ether-seeing/clairvoyent abilities came in quite strongly.

I was able to see, with my physical eyes, light beings moving around the room and shadows slinking in corners. With the help of others, I was able to develop those skills and clearly recognize and see exactly who these beings are.

Not bad for a prior hardcore atheist, right?

As for the lucid dreams, I still have them every night, whether I ask for them or not.  (I met Odin last night, by the way. It’s a story for another time.)

I owe it all to my grandmother, who now visits me sparingly, but is always happy to hear about my progress.

The way that I started my journey into spirituality changed the way that I view the world. With everything that I learn, I am committed to helping others learn more about themselves and develop their own abilities too!

I am eternally grateful to the beings who come to me every night to teach me about myself, this universe, and the truly beautiful people that reside in it.

All my love,


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  1. loree says

    Such a beautiful story about your grandmother
    and the gifts you have developed on your
    i will return to your website again. THere
    is so much here to read and absorb.
    You gifted me with wonderful readings
    which i refer to on a daily basis…
    Your radiance shines in your photos.
    Bless you..

  2. Annette Nazionale says

    Hello Ty. I am in need of a reading, i have been having dreams that involve all my senses that concern me and would like to talk to you. I have been to you before and you touched my heart and I started praying for your continued well being.

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