Spiritual Awakenings

It’s that time again. You, me, and your neighbor’s dog have felt the intensity of February 2017 and I’m saying it – this is not what I had in mind when I asked the universe to throw more fun in my direction.

It’s been rough. Dreams have been intense, energy has been very low or extremely high, plans and projects have been delayed, and personal relationships seem to fall apart, rebuild, and collapse again in the time it took me to write this sentence.

[Insert Breath-Focused Meditation Here]

I wanted to write about spiritual awakenings because this is what we’re experiencing right now. Some of us (points at self) foolishly believed that because we’ve been there before, and done that – we’ve already had our spiritual awakening.  But that isn’t true.

Our spiritual awakening is ongoing and each time, we re-emerge from the experience having learned more truths about ourselves and world around us.


– Rune Lazuli

Imagine a spiral. Now imagine yourself walking along this spiral, going up and down, experiencing varying moments of highs and lows in your personal life. What a spiritual awakening does is it catapults us further to the center of the spiral by introducing new lows (and eventual highs) into our lives.

If you think of the center of the spiral as reaching our true selves, then each time we are confronted with a situation, person, or emotion that we’ve already dealt with, we are being offered a chance to go deeper into the spiral, into ourselves.

This can induce an epic eye roll for those of use who feel like we’ve already dealt with a situation before and it appears in front of us again.

And for those of us who have never experienced an awakening before and are wondering why everything seems to be falling apart now, the experience can be confusing, depressing, and sometimes frightening.

There is a bright side to what we’re experiencing now and it’s this: spiritual awakenings make us more aware.

They offer us a chance to see clearly what isn’t working for us. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or an aspect of ourselves that makes us uncomfortable, spiritual awakenings throw what isn’t working in our face so that we can do something about it.

The first step to taking control of your spiritual awakening is to honor your experiences. You can do this by learning to accept the aspects of your life that aren’t serving you and accept that you are unhappy with them. Acceptance is how you integrate negative emotions and is the first feasible step to reaching a higher frequency.

After you begin to embody the frequency of Acceptance, do what you need to do to change the situation.

If that means talking to your partner instead of yelling at them, do it. If it means sitting down and coming up with a feasible exit plan for leaving your job, do it. If it means taking some time to meditate and understand your emotions, do it.

Do something to change your frequency from what you are feeling to Acceptance, and then to whatever it is you would like to feel – Joy, Happiness, Creativity, etc.

When you choose to integrate an aspect of yourself that you find difficult, you are aligning with higher aspects of yourself at a deeper level. You are reaching a new “high point” on the spiral and forming new neural pathways to the emotional frequencies of Peace and Happiness.

Also, you may begin to notice that your spiritual gifts start appearing in full force, or that synchronistic events begin taking place more often. When you integrate your negative experiences and emotions, you align to your true path.

Keep in mind, though, that your spiritual awakening is a continuous process. Our journey on the spiral never ends and on the way, we may get stuck in what seems like a never ending stream of “low points” on the spiral, a period of time known as the “dark night of the soul” or depression.

Those moments are painful and hard. If you are experiencing this, then understand that there is an end to the process and that you are being guided to love and accept all aspects of yourself.

If you have experienced this, think of how much you have learned from that moment, and how much your life has changed. When you are aligned to your true self, experiencing another dip in the spiral becomes easier to accept and integrate into your life. It no longer destroys you and you can move on to a higher frequency of Love or Joy at a much faster rate.

That’s a spiritual awakening.

Accept and Love what is and what is to come. This will help you as we ride through the rest of this month and throughout your constant spiritual awakening.

I wish you absolute love on your journey.

 – Ty

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Spiritual Awakenings
It’s that time again. You, me, and your neighbor’s dog have felt the intensity of February 2017 and I’m saying it – this is not what I had in mind when I asked the universe to throw more fun in my direction. It’s been rough....
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