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Spiritual Musings #1

I have taken a bit of a break these last few weeks to connect with myself. What I have found is that I was in the throes of another level of my spiritual awakening and experiencing a cosmic shift within my being.

Everything I thought I knew about myself and the reality I’ve created has been challenged and here I stand – bruised, humbled, and ready to start embracing this life.

These past few weeks, I have seen negative limiting beliefs and thought patterns appear in the form of anxiety, anger, and lack of self-confidence. I found myself having to deal with old emotions I thought I had already resolved and people who I have tried to distance myself from.

I would feel irritated and tense one day then lethargic and drained the next and I didn’t know how to handle it. I found myself spiraling the same path that I did a year and a half ago when I began my spiritual journey, but this time was different. I was being challenged to let go of ego and step into a higher perspective and believe me, it was not easy and although I am learning, I am no master.

At the same time, I noticed that my etheric abilities grew – I was lucid dreaming almost every night, but the dreams weren’t the same ones I had grown accustomed to…I began to delve deep into my shadows and found myself face to face with my demons. And they’re ugly.

My demons are a lack of self-confidence, a tendency to over-worry, and the want to be in constant “give” mode.

I fought them many, many times but they still found me every night as I traveled. I fought until I realized it was not working. And when I realized this, I laid down my sword and sat with them.

I understood lack of self-confidence, I listened to anxiety, and I negotiated with give.

And each time, I learned more about myself.

I became whole, not broken, and I slowly learned to live with my demons.

I learned Surrender and Acceptance. I even felt tinges of Grace.  I came back to myself by allowing acceptance of my qualities and circumstances for what they are – perfect.

So, that being said, let me share a bit of myself to you – my name is Tayina Fenelus, Ty for short.

I spend a lot of time in the spirit world. I talk kind of fast when I get excited. I read books about things like starlight elixirs, herbal remedies, ancient galactic history, and crystals.

I like being human. I talk to beings that teach me about the universe, humanity, and myself.

I like seeing the perfect in imperfection. I have a love affair with the moon and stars.

I love talking to people about their spiritual development.

I’m excited to share this as my first article in my spiritual musings series. This will be my place to connect with you on a personal level so that you can also be a part of my spiritual journey.

I invite you to share in my experiences and learn more about who I am and what I’m learning. It will be a fun ride for both of us – I promise.

Much love,

– T

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