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I am here for those who experience and move through life differently.


My name is Tayina Fenelus and I am a clairvoyant teacher and scholar. 

I work with many to develop their spiritual awareness and support those in all areas of spiritual and personal development. I care deeply about providing a grounded perspective and offering a compassionate approach in this work.  

For those seeking a grounded understanding, inner knowing, and a deep dive into mystical and spiritual awareness, I am for you.

I proudly welcome and serve all spiritual backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, disabilities, nationalities, cultures, gender identities, and expressions.

Dreams ~ Personal Development ~ Visions ~ Depth Psychology ~ Healing ~ Intuition

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Upcoming workshops

Racial Healing Circle

Location: Phoenix & Dragon, Atlanta

Intuitive Development Workshop

Location: Maha Rose, New York

“I had an amazing reading experience with Ty. She has a very clear calming voice and gets right into it with great useful information. She knew things that no one else has seen or understood about me my whole life — and all just from a phone call! I feel honored & fortunate to have found her to help with my direction in life and can’t wait for another session.” 

- Lionel N.