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"You take up the spiritual path only when you feel you cannot do otherwise.” 

- The Mother
It is helpful to bring specific questions about any area of your life. Otherwise, no need to prepare extensively. We are happy to welcome you however you are arriving.
Send an email through the contact page and instructions will be sent to you.
Yes. Please complete the booking form and choose the "Gift a Session" option. Instructions will follow.
In your first session, you can expect an introduction, an overview of your subtle energy, and detailed explanations. Feel free to bring questions over any area of your life.
Same-day sessions are difficult to accommodate. If a session is able to be accommodated on the same day, there is an added $40 fee. Please send requests on the Contact page. *Please note, I am not a mental or physical health professional. If you have an emergency, please contact 911 or the proper channels for direct help and support.
If you opt for a video Zoom call, I record the session for you and send an attachment within 24-48 hours. If you would like a recorded session, please schedule for a Zoom call on the booking page. All recorded sessions are deleted after 1 year.

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