Services & Training

"You take up the spiritual path only when you feel you cannot do otherwise.” 

- The Mother
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Come with questions about your life path, spirituality, and challenges that you face. I will bring my expertise in contacting your spiritual influences (or guides) as we discuss your spiritual evolution in depth. I will view your energetic field, communicate with your guides and use a therapeutic and compassionate approach to relay all that is useful to you on your spiritual journey.

What to expect

dreamwork ~ gentle guidance ~ clairvoyant reading ~ psyche exploration & integration ~ practical counsel ~ meditation instructions

Please note: Sliding Scale fees are available for those in need of financial assistance. Please inquire on Contact page.

Through extensive training and practice, I offer a unique long-distance energetic healing. These sessions are a transference of energy, and I use clairvoyance to locate and balance any energetic interferences within your field.

These sessions include a detailed discussion of therapeutic practices to further aid your healing and integration. 

What to expect

relaxed experience ~ detailed analysis of subtle body ~ meditation and nutrition suggestions ~ sensations in body/visions 

I work with select people to refine one’s subtle awareness and build a unique spiritual practice. Through specific exercises and training, I provide esoteric practices to enhance your connection with the mystical and intuitive aspects of your psyche. 

Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or need in-depth psychic skills to aid you in your spiritual business, we will work 1:1 on a weekly basis for your development. For those ready to have a personalized, deep experience of psychic and esoteric practice to apply to life, healing work, or deepen their psychic abilities, book a consult to begin!

What to expect

disciplined spiritual guidance ~ supra-sensory development ~ advanced dreamwork ~ meditation technique and creation ~  applied mystical technique to practical expression 

All sessions are entirely confidential and handled with care. Please check Questions for disclaimer and detailed responses.

Let us work together in compassionate community and commitment to deepen our spiritual work, connections, and knowing of Self and others. Meet like-minded people and learn new ways of relating, healing, and profound intuitive awareness. 

6- 8 week workshop classes. Check back soon for more! 

Recent Workshops & Offerings:
Racial Healing Circle

Location: Phoenix & Dragon, Atlanta

Intuitive Development Workshop

Location: Maha Rose, New York

*Please inquire on the contact page for racial healing workshops, in-person spiritual workshops, guest speaker invitations, and company seminars.

“Wow. Just Wow! Ty has a true and radiant gift. She is the most genuine, kind, and spot-on spiritual intuitive and channeler I have ever met! I did a 45 minute session and we hit the ground running! I wrote down many questions before our session and she answered 99% of them in the first five minutes! 

As an Intuitive myself, I sometimes second guess what my guides are saying. Not only did Ty validate everything I’ve been feeling/sensing but she made me feel a sense of calm. It felt as though I was sipping tea in rocking chairs on a sunny afternoon on a back porch of my grandmother’s house. That’s how comfortable she made me feel! I loved how she read into my aura and listened to my guides with gentleness and confidence. I even took 5 pages of notes. 

After the session was over I felt much relief, filled with grace and ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Nicole U.